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Packaging Unit : Liquid 20ℓ/Pail, 200ℓ/Drum

• Dilute EB 3001 within 30% in water. EB 3001 is a soluble antirust oil for protecting the parts kept indoors in the short-term or mid-term period. 
• When EB 3001 is combined with water by adding antirust additive or emulsified to highly refined base oil, it becomes nonflammable antirust emulsion.
This emulsion removes fire risk and substitutes for solvent base antirust oil for safety.
• Three-month Indoors keeping of compressor housing (30% Emulsion)
• Rustproofing between processes after cleaning the parts like ball bearing and roller bearing by using soluble cleaner (10∼20% Emulsion)
• Substitution for solvent type antirust oil for rustproofing of pipe and nipple.
• Inter-process or short-term rustproofing of the parts having acidizing process withouth drying them after water rinsing and neutralization (10∼20% Emulsion)
• Rustproofing of small parts like bolts and nuts (20∼30% Emulsion)
• Rustproofing of plating parts (10∼30% Emulsion)
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