Dung môi tẩy gỉ thép carbon nabakem sr 700

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Sử dụng để tẩy gỉ thép carbon.
Thời gian tẩy rửa gỉ nhanh
Không ảnh hưởng đến các công đoạn gia công bề mặt khác.


• Rust cleaning within short time at normal temperature. 
Safety superior to acid. 
• Removal of slag, scale and rust within short time.
• Low hydrogen gas smut generated.
• Rust cleaner for steel and iron.
• Available for plating and pretreatment of igneous membrane.
• Used as following depending on the form of rust cleaning target.
• Dipping method 50% solution 
• Circulation method 15∼25%
• Rinse after rust cleaning. 
• After rinsing, neutralized anti-rust treatment by ARA-404 is required.
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