Dung môi tẩy gỉ thép không gỉ nabakem sr 600

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Dùng để vệ sinh trục ép cho máy ép nhựa hoặc máy đùn khi chuyển đổi nguyên liệu có các loại màu khác nhau. Sử dụng dung dịch vệ sinh trục em rất đơn giản, nhanh gọn, hiệu quả cao, tiết kiệm được nhiều thời gian và chi phí. Dung dịch giúp làm sạch các mảnh bám màu của trục vít, làm sạch trục trước chi chuyển sang chạy với loại hạt nhựa mầu khác

Dùng để tẩy gỉ thép không gỉ
Đóng gói: Chai nhựa 1kg và thùng nhựa 20kg



• Simultaneous pickling and passivation
• High adhesivness ensuring prevention of streamdown after reaction. No gas.
• Long-time (24 hours) leaving after application does not cause over-pickling or gas cavities.
• Chromic acid or aqua regia not contained.
• Physical properties not changed by long-term storage
• Easy removal by rinsing
• Removal of the rust and scales on the inner and outer surfaces of stainless steel made reaction container
• Rust-cleaning and passivation of the staineless steel surface of vessels and airplanes
• Rust-cleaning and passivation of food tank, medicine reaction tank, cosmetics reaction tank and storage tank
• Flushing of staineless steel made industrial equipment and structures
• More effective after removing oil contents, slag, spotter, wax, tar, scales and rusts before use.
• Apply the product evenly by using soft brush or spray machine
(Apply it in the same direction when using brush. This does not cause stains.)
• Adequate application thickness is 1mm and adequate applied surface temperature is 15∼25℃.
• Avoid direct sunlight when acidizing in summer seasons. 
It is more effective to use it in the mornings and evenings.
Application in the evenings and rinsing next mornings is generally used.
• Acidizing in winter season indoors is more effective.
• Acidizing time should be minimum 30 minutes (at 25℃).
When temperature is low, it is better to lengthen acidizing time.
• Do not keep the SR-600 applied surface dried by direct sunlight in summer eason. After reaction is finished, the color of applied surface becomes light blue.
• Flush the applied surface with copious quantities of water after application.
• Neutralize and rinse the applied surface (High-pressure rinsing is more effective).
• You must wear protective equipment like rubber gloves, boots, protective clothing and safety goggles.
• Use the product in the well-ventilated place. When using it in the bad-ventilated place, pay attention to ventilation.
• Wear protective equipment like rubber gloves, boots, protective clothing and safety goggles.
• Flush contaminated eyes or skin immediately with water.
• Wash relevant surfaces with water after pickling or passivation to remove residues.
• Use the product in the well-ventilated place. Install ventilator when using the product in the tank.
• Dispose waste solution under waste water treatment rules.
• Keep the product in the well-ventilated and cold place without direct sunlight.
• Do not use it in combination with water, acid or alkali.


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